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My first crack at a stonescar aggro deck after the new set.

The big decision point I had was whether to include a market at all, but I did end up going with Caravan Delivery over Catalyze which was originally in that slot.

Other thoughts: Nico is kind of in here as incidental value. They're a playable 2 and there are a handful of frenzy triggers in the relic weapons. I don't know if there's a better 2 but I think that's what I'd want in that slot otherwise.

Update: swapped back to catalyze, and added Katrina to the main deck over a weapon which was difficult to play on curve, and which didn't kill major threats..

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2 2

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15 14 8 4

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15 39 4 4

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35 4 11 0 25

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Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]


January 26, 2023

January 24, 2023


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Behemoths of Thera

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efertik Eternal Version: 23.01.18
I've also been enjoying Stonescar and I think it may be the best aggro deck in the new Expedition. A few thoughts:

1. I disagree with some of your unit choices. I don't love a card like Ascetic Lantern where it doesn't establish board presence (although it is good in more combo-y decks). I like Bloodseeker instead, as it is more beefy and actually has a good chance of getting bigger with hunt.
2. Two possible two drops to replace Nico: Grove Supplier and Twilight Lantern. I particularly recommend the Supplier, as getting +1 attack on all of your units is pretty amazing for a 2 drop.
3. I would definitely put some kind of Power in your market - either a Sigil or something with Inscribe.

Good luck!
newershadow Eternal Version: 23.01.18
I guess for my perspective, Ascetic Lantern is primarily in there to smooth out hands that aren't working (low power, bad influence for ChaCha, spells instead of units, etc) or to find answers later on. It's not necessarily a turn 1 play (if I have both it and Pyroknight, I'm playing pyro first) and I don't think Bloodseeker would fit the role that I use Ascetic in.