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(Masters August) Whoops...

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Yo so they mighta messed up a bit...
Deck seems busted. 14-6 to masters today. Most losses Came to some form of redwhite aggressive deck.

Game plan: Early control and set up, use Savant to play super strong stuff super early. Secondary game plan, you have some of the best late game threat density out there so if you get it late you can usually win.
Combo- Savant on 3 into turn 4 attack, or turn 4 savant into battle dasher contracted Play the most impactful creature you can.

Card choices:

All nighter- usually removal but the ramp can be helpful some games.
Dismantle- might go up to 3 of these. Lots of relics out there and the extra power is rarely bad.
Stutterstep- Trying to find a way to fit a 4th into the deck. It can buy you a turn against aggro, or save a savant for a second attack trigger. Save a late game threat against control. Has drastically over preformed. -edit: swapped one all nighter for 4th
Trials- so much board swarm right now, and its not dead against control as it pumps our board.

Savant combo-
Savant- He's why our deck is busted. Otherwise its a greedy late game deck. Turn 4 wandering hamlet or sashenka is brutal.
Battle front dasher- For making savant charge; Can be used against aggro as an early blocker.

Mid game Threats- These are threats that aren't the prime target of Savant but make a large impact on turn 4 or normal curve.
Krogar- Good threat that tides over aggro- Really good against phoenix.
Carnosaur- Another solid threat that can take out the most threatening card typically on the opponents board.

Savant targets/ late game
Sashenka- always strong, and can refill your hand to make up for cards lost to developing.
Wandering Hamlet- Makes your 3/3 Charge Savant a 5/5 charge savant and the 2/1 a 4/3. Draws cards if they kill it. What's not to love?
Savior of the meek- The 1/1 helps against aggro. It is usually discard fodder, but savant can pull it out against aggro.- In a really long game you can use Xultan conclaves to hard cast.

As always feel free to ask questions! Enjoy the greed!

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Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]

Combo Midrange

August 20, 2022

August 19, 2022


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Enter the Arcanum

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Candy Eternal Version: 22.08.17
Im not sure I fully understand why Savior of the Meek Is in here.
Fistofsteal Edited Eternal Version: 22.08.17
I was looking for a couple more targets for Savant to hit. Savior plays both the role of a strong threat off Savant, and the role of an anti aggro stop gap that can be discarded to torgov's wares afterwards. A 7/7 flying lifesteal is crushing on turn 4 or 5 against a lot of decks. I think you could replace it with any Expensive unit you wanted to hit with Savant ( I considered Valles Rex , Highway Devourer, and Talir, Timeless), but i do think savior probably is the best fit with so much aggro and early weapons in the format.