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Inspired For Liars

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Second Edit - 10/10/19 10:25 AM - So this is just a quick minor update hours after the last, I’ve taken out Chant for now as it’s just too slow since it’s more vital that I get out cards like Journey Guide in order to get the most value early on to get that aggro flow/tempo going! I also took out Living Example and reduced some other cards in order to throw in my new POTENTIAL bad boy Dread along with his two buddies Teacher of Humility & his brother Sandstorm Titan (Same mother different dads in case you’re wondering why they’re so alike in most features but the weight)

The possibility for combos with Dread is limitless... Not only that but Teacher’s infiltration that’s going to be able to proc MULTIPLE times in one game off the same single card if brought back from he void ! In future revisions this is even gonna be way stronger when it’s getting random abilities possibly by either Crown of Possibilities and/or Breeze Dancer when I decide to throw it in/swap Primal in and go that route. But I have to explore my other options before I take that huge leap into that rabbit hole.. I mean the simple fact they’ve got so much Draw, Draw & Discard, etc is nuts!

First Edit 10/10/19 7:30 AM - So as you can see the very first revisions have been made to the deck, just because it didn’t have enough oomph and as good as it has performed shockingly enough I know it can offer a LOT more and has so much more raw potential.

Now first thing is first I was doing some brainstorming with my new pal Death on discord & in game in regards to my deck.. I for some stupidly odd and no reason at all mistake wasn’t looking into multi faction/color cards.. You know the ones with cards such as Dread resides in T/S land! That being brought up in chat, it was quickly realized that a combo as simple as Dread and say Teacher of Humility would QUICKLY become a humiliating experience for one of the two in the match =P

We also discussed branching out into the primal either as a replacement for Shadow or as a third color for Aurelian.. The endless possibilities is just mind numbing to be frank.. The time it’s going to take to tweak and test out the combos associated with Primal is endless. The simple fact they have Crown of Possibilities AND Breeze Dancer alone make it worth checking into. Now you add in cards such as Second Sight which not only draw two cards but allow you too put on top of your deck ANY card in your hand that you so desire.. Now you should all know where that’s going quickly! Also it provides cards that give the wording of “Draw X cards and then DISCARD X cards”. Now you might wonder why I would desire a card that requires me to possibly give up a card that’s just great in a handful of great cards potentially, well simply put is that it’s almost like Second Sight when I have shadow cards such as Immortalize and Dark Return! It’s just endless Funtime if you ask me!

More revisions and edits to come to this over the following.. well who knows? I plan on starting my season of Ranked finally and plan on strictly using this deck and this deck alone as I tweak it. Mainly so that I can say to myself, hey good job for making Masters in a deck you’ve made on your own (of course with some talks here and there like with my buddy Death) ! But honestly I would be more proud if it somehow allowed not only myself but even just ONE other person to climb to Masters! I love to help and give back so this hopefully is one way I can do so! Looking forward to possible feedback! If not well hey it’s still okay! =P

So I’ve always liked the mechanics behind the inspire skill but never thought to try and put something together that really was something of my own.

But I quickly saw the potential in said mechanic in the new power card which allows you to decimate if you’ve got 3 in X color to create AND draw a unit which has a skill depending on the color of the power card you used the decimate skill with. This in conjunction with cards such as Journey Guide to reduce the cost down to just one power. Now you use it with other cards at the same time or even by themselves it’s still got potential. Now the biggest power card that’s got potential for huge tempo early game is Emblem of Grodov because the skill provided with that unit via decimate is exalted! Now you have inspire units such as Journey Guide - Amaran Armadillo - Living Example - Blackhall Warleader and you’ve got a power house of one bad boy exalted unit!

But what happens when the unit you’ve thrown that awesome weapon on is just tossed away via removal since it’s such an early stage of the game? Well you use one of many cards to bring it back! Oh wait but what happens when it’s brought back? It’s DRAWN! Well it’s given even more bonuses to either cost, stats, or skills! Now that once big exalted unit just got even bigger! This is done with cards like Immortalize - Last Chance - Dark Return - Excavate -

Plus with other draw card mechanics it helps to pump out cards faster and faster in order to achieve desired cards for more epic carnage! Journey Guide on a Emblem of Grodov drops it to 1 power cost by its own inspire but when you bring it back from the void with your still on the board? Well the unit with Exalted (and possibly other battle skills) is now back out once more to provide crazy tempo and NOW it’s a simple 0 power cost power house.

Possible cards that remain in the J/S pools are - Clockroach Twinbrood Sauropod - Aspirant's Robes - Training Ground - Proselytize - Wurmcalling - Eager Offering - Devour - Dark Wisp - Tasbu, the Forbidden - Cursed Prophet Deleph Xenan Augury -

Now I’m sure I could change one color to another for better possible inspire units and/or Attachments/Spells but this combo just felt right for the time being.. I’m currently looking into the possibility of echo units and using Primal in either dual or going to Aurelian for cards such as Second Sight and units with echo such as Herald's Song - Pteriax Hatchling. I’m also looking into the possibility to ADD another color but that’s gonna have to be tested and what not. I’m hoping someone with just a little bit more expertise in the fine tuning of custom brews can point me in the right direction.. Or maybe I’ll man up on this one and take on the feat on my own? Only time will tell!

I hope this deck list provides some insight into some more possible combos, especially with the new power cards and the possibilities that we have with them with mechanics such as inspire!


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Into Shadow [Set1004]

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October 10, 2019


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The Flame of Xulta

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