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Power Hungry Dinos - with video and "Budget" version

Gauntlet Deck By


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The deck started as a Mono Time Ramp list during Cold Hunt, but it was lacking good removal options, so i ended up splashing with Shadow. In the past year I have been optimizing and updating it with every new release. Finally i got to the point where i can not improve further and its time to publish.

The idea of this deck is really simple:
1) Ramp and play fat creatures to lock down the board
2) Facetank some damage, while try to avoid chump blocking, and trading without Ixtol, Champion of Grodov or Grodov's Burden.
4) Generate unlimited Power with Worldbearer Behemoth and Ixtol, Champion of Grodov
5) Snowball to win.

The deck have 4 x 2 Removals that complement each other weaknesses

x2 Twilight Hunt Cheap, ignores Aegis, +2/+2 if played on dinos, best use is on Worldbearer Behemoth to trigger its ability without being killed by blockers, or a guaranteed kill if played on one of your deadly units.
x2 Curtain Call replaced Feed the Hecaton for Timetravel's advice in the comments.
x2 Send an Agent Cheap, Fast, but its useless against some of the multifaction decks and vs Aegis. Best use is to bait your opponents to block one of your fat unit to get multiple kills at once.
x2 Banish Fast, but its useless against some big threats and Aegis. Use it similarly.

16 unit/spell to help you ramp and mitigate early power shortages:

x4 Desert Alchemist Helps to fix your mana early, and can act as a removal. But later it will be less impactful as your opponent stops attacking.
x4 Trail Maker Ramp + free influence fix for Alhed Ascending or Twinned Spiteling or for a turn 3 market.
x4 Tocas, Waystone Harvester Big body + Ramp + the AI hates it because its messing up your opponents combat tricks and often sponges 2 Torch which is great because its one of your weaker units and you don't really mind trading it for 2 removals. Maybe im doing wrong, but i rarely use the twist ability, when i do it's mostly to buff Ixtol or when the opponents board is clear for an A+Space.
x4 Time Etchings is your only market card, that also draws you a Time Sigil

The cards that win you the game:

x4 Dinosaur Nest in your opening hand is really strong, 2 of this is a jackpot and most of the time a guaranteed win! Don't chump block with the 1/1 dinos unless its absolutely necessary. After 4 turn it will give +2/+2 to all of your dinos.

x4 Alhed Ascending is a dino and it's just OP. Great target for your Twilight Hunt to protect it from Torch or similar spells. At 4 time influence it will give Decay to all of your attacking units, that can be used to weaken the opponent units/relic weapons, also make them unable to Revenge, and redrawn from void.

x4 Hexavore A cost effective dino with overwhelm. Usually this 4/4 is enough to stop aggro decks on turn 3. Can be exhaused for Feed the Hecaton or make a 6/6 killer with Twilight Hunt.

x4 Sandstorm Titan The most iconic Time creature. One of your limited tools to deal with flyers.

x4 Twinned Spiteling for 4 mana you get 2 body on board 1/1 deadly with unblockable and a Timekeeper that snowballing as you suck out the mana from your deck.

x3 Ixtol, Champion of Grodov This is your main power generating tool with stats equal to your maximum power. If this card left on the board, it will win you the game really quickly. Not only it snowballs himself and Timekeeper it helps Alhed Ascending reach the 8 influence too.

x3 Worldbearer Behemoth It's a dino with all of its benefits. Also your secondary power generating unit. If possible save your fast removals and Twilight Hunt for this, so it can survive when you attack with it. If none of those available, you can trade it if you have Ixtol on board to start the snowballing.

I used to run 4 copy of the 5 drops, but i got screwed so many times, so i reduced them to 3. The deck feels much better and wins more consistently.

If you have both Ixtol, Champion of Grodov and Worldbearer Behemoth in your hand, and you don't plan to trade or kill anything in your turn go with behemoth first.

The market options:
Infinite Hourglass Great for hard countering Freezing Touch opponent and permafrosts
Vara's Choice Flexible spot, i like this as a last resort removal.
End Of An Era Also flexible spot, its great against token decks like Praxis, or just simply clean up the board after you stop an aggro deck. Also it's really really good if you can play Ixtol, Champion of Grodov first.
Gnash, Desert Prince mainly its an anti-flyer, also the 1/1 killers are great counter at the Burn Scar boss
Grodov's Burden Finisher, most of the time you will pick this.

The deck is capable to win the games without any market card, so it's not a big deal to use Time Etchings as a power fix if you are mana screwed.

Deck is made specifically for grinding gauntlet !
Consistent, and have answer for every threat
Relative fast, usually 6 to 8 turns for a win
Easy to pilot, straightforward gameplan
Every card is powerful by itself and also in synergy with the theme - no filler cards

Not so great in Throne
2 Power hands can be risky

"Budget" version

Gameplay vs Sudden Death:


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
25 16 16

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Deck Rarities
12 18 20 25

Card Types
35 6 14 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Awakening [Set1095]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


March 13, 2023

February 19, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 13, 2023



Rebel_ETC Eternal Version: 23.03.01
This is the highest win rate deck I've used so far. My record is so far 40-2. Lost once to the double damage boss and once to flooding.
Timetravel Eternal Version: 23.02.08
a pretty nice xenan deck. i enjoy them as well. if you're looking to mess around a bit, I cannot recommend Curtain Call more highly. It's almost always disgusting and i like to try and include at least 2 or 3--especially in time-heavy decks like yours
Csapasd Edited Eternal Version: 23.03.08
Great idea, I replaced Feed the Hecatons, because it just works better and its more versatile. Thanks!
Saturn_Sixx Eternal Version: 23.02.08
25 legendaries?!? Lmao! Should call this deck the Wallet Buster.
DocTam Eternal Version: 23.03.01
They are all good Time legendaries. These should be on your crafting list anyways.
Csapasd Edited Eternal Version: 23.02.08
8 is from Campaigns, 9 can be replaced with greens and blues, and the rest is 4x Sandstorm Titan, 1x Grodov's Burden which is still used in many Time archetypes to this day and 3x Worldbearer Behemoth