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Quid Pro Quo

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"When I threaten you, you'll know it... I'd like you to do us a favor though." -Dizo, probably

Dizo's Racket is very Expedition Legal and very cool!

Of course, it's completely unfair to compare President Trump to Dizo. Dizo is actually competent enough to successfully execute extortion schemes and imprison his political rivals.

If you're not here for political memes, this deck has two main gameplans:

Plan A If you're not under pressure:
Step 1. Grab Dizo's Racket from the market ASAP (hopefully on turn 3). If you suspect relic removal and you're not under any pressure, you can wait until 6 or 7 power to play Racket plus armor gain in the same turn. Disjunction can let you grab Racket back later if you need it.
Step 2. Draw lots of cards at the cost of your life points. Never attack your opponent's face.
Step 3. Swap life totals with your opponent with Vicious Rejuvenation.
Step 4. At this point, you've got full health, a full grip of cards, and your opponent is probably at 10 or less health, so you can win with a ham sandwich. Grinva, Breaker of Will and Storm of Featherswill let you push lethal even if your opponent has stalled up the ground.

Plan B If you're under lots of pressure:
Don't grab Dizo's Racket. Try to use your terrible armor gain cards for their intended purpose. Shieldsmith is actually pretty decent for this. Stabilize with Shen-Ra Speaks, Vicious Rejuvenation, and Grinva, Breaker of Will. Out-value your (hopefully very aggressive opponent) with sites. You can also make the cheeky play of intentionally letting your opponent knock you down to 2 or less health, ambushing Ebon Dune Smuggler at the end of turn to grab Vicious Rejuvenation and swinging for lethal with the smuggler while all their units are exhausted. I've stolen a few games with this strategy, but I also died to Amethyst Coin one time, so try at your own risk.

This is a very fun deck if you enjoy drawing lots of cards and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Edit 12/2: We've got Defiance now, so aggro is much less of an issue; this is a massive upgrade for the deck. Display of Vision is very good fixing as well. I added a single shadow Emblem so that Display of Vision can generate a deadly creature in a pinch late game.

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2 2 3

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13 12 14 14

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9 34 20 7

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19 5 28 3 25


December 8, 2019

November 27, 2019


Eternal Version
The Flame of Xulta

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Revisions (Since last major patch) December 3, 2019



TheStray Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I really like this idea. With the dual markets it's not all that hard to pull off. I don't have all the cards I'm short 4 of them I think but I've always wanted to use Dizo's racket.
TiltingFunctor Edited Eternal Version: 1.47.9
Just made a budget version Quid Pro Quo [Budget Expedition] for people who are missing some cards. Vicious rejuv is the only core legendary and without the others the deck is fairly cheap.