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Veena's Rat Siphon

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My attempt at tuning [Top 50 Masters] 4F Ratkeepers. Execution Pit is a massive upgrade, since it's efficient removal that's also a Calibrate hit and triggers all our relic stuff. The big combo is Cabal Scavenger + Rift Siphon + Veena's Masterpiece, which draws us tons of cards once Cabal Scavenger reaches 4 attack. Another combo is Relay Point + Veena, Rising Queen, which gets us 2 sentinels instead of 1. Tinker Overseer could be replaced with market access or something, but playing PorterSeer in Throne makes my monkey brain happy.


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Influence Requirements
1 1 1 1 1

Power Sources
9 11 7 9 16 5

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Deck Rarities
21 23 21 8 4

Card Types
23 24 5 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]
Separate Ways [Set1155]

Combo Midrange

June 13, 2024


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Separate Ways

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Vincent8307 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Looks good! Any serious ideas for the market changes?
knife Eternal Version: 24.06.05
You could try Auralian Merchant with Rapid Development, Shen-Ra Speaks, Stand Together, Reeve's Mandate, and Gnash, Desert Prince. A Crack the Earth market could also work (just add a few Sigils for Ark of Sol). Primal cards like Bazaar Stampede could also be marketed because we can make Primal influence with Mark of Skullhaven and Xultan Conclave.
Vincent8307 Edited Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Thanks for the reply.

I don't think the auralian merchant will work in this deck. Which cards would you specifically put in the market or change in the deck to make it better?

I'm not a good deck builder, but I'd appreciate the help.
Avnomke Edited Eternal Version: 24.06.05
I would recommend skipping market in this deck, markets are too slow for this deck. The game is usually going to be over by turn 5, before any market can come into play.

Also drop Lethrai Courtier for similar reasons - too slow, you don't need that much power. Replace her with some combination of Scared Beetender, Drifting Drone, & Tinker Overseer.
knife Eternal Version: 24.06.05
I would recommend trying the deck as it is for now. I think it's already pretty good. If you decide on a particular card that you would really like to fetch from a market, then you can choose a merchant / market spell to get that card and I can help you fill out the rest of the market.
Vincent8307 Edited Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Thanks for the reply from both of you. I'm going to trst te deck more. Could you help me with an idea for the market with 2,3 or 4x crack the earth and what I should change in the deck when I add the spell?
knife Eternal Version: 24.06.05
I would go with Ark of Sol, Rapid Development, Rift Disaster, and Lurking Sanguar. For the last card, a site like Inferno Den or Xenan Temple might be good. Replace the Crest of Chaos, 1 Mark of Skullhaven, and 1 Combrei Banner with a Fire Sigil, Justice Sigil, and Shadow Sigil (for Ark of Sol).
Vincent8307 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
How about Inferno Phoenix and Bazaar Stampede in steat of Lurking Sangiar and a Site?
knife Eternal Version: 24.06.05
That sounds fine, but Rapid Development and Bazaar Stampede serve similar roles as finishers, so the main reason to run both would be if you think that you often won't have the influence for one of them.
Vincent8307 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
Do you perhaps know if Phoenix Stone counts as a played relic when it transforms back?
rabbitsamlcs Eternal Version: 24.06.05
No it does not. I have tried that. Otherwise this cabal scavenger + phoenix stone combo would be crazy to play for bolster / frenzy combo
Vincent8307 Eternal Version: 24.06.05
True. Thanks fof the tips.