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FTJ Big Project (Top 5)

Throne Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


Cost Curve




This is the deck that got me from rank 40 to 5 with a 42:11 record. It's pretty consistent thanks to a high amount of modal power cards (Chant, Plating, Desert Alchemist), a very streamlined curve and a mix of flexible answers (Enforcer, Marshal, Alchemist, Prideleader, most of the market) and threats (Magniventris, Naoki, Wasp, Project).

The deck is very good against aggro: The power is a bit clunky in the early game, but the deck has a lot of cheap anti-aggro tools to slow the opponent down (Marshall, All-Nighter, Alchemist). After that it can stabilise with cards like Magniventris, Naoki, Prideleader or market Scourge and then you just run away with your big threats.

Against other midrange decks you usually want to play value oriented to outgrind them. That means using your removal carefully (for the most important threats) and utilising the value from cards like Wasp, Project and Arcanum to gain card advantage. If your opponent has a deck with an even better grind game or if their deck is very good at answering your value options (e.g. if they have efficient relic removal fo Project) you can try to be more aggressive instead (with cards like Naoki, Magniventris, Enforcer). The deck can struggle against Grand Suppressor. If you see a lot of that, you can add a few Torches.

This deck is not great against most combo decks because you are rarely fast enough to race them. The only tool that can really help is a well timed Builder's Decree. Although the market Display really helps against the currently popular FTJ Skyline combo decks.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 3 4

Power Sources
10 20 12 17

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Deck Rarities
6 26 28 16

Card Types
33 8 12 2 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]
Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]
The Devouring [Set1145]


February 9, 2024


Eternal Version
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