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Gauntlet Lifesteal Combo - now with 100% more Grumbo!

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Gauntlet Lifesteal Combo ft. Moldermuck but better! See the previous deck for the basic mechanics of the combo. This is not a deck that relies on hitting the combo to win, since there is a lot of synergy between a lot of cards in this deck, but when the combo hits... it hits hard.

This is probably my favorite deck to pilot just because of how stupidly big your units get in a very short amount of time. It is also surprisingly consistent for what it is, which is a janky meme deck with GRUMBOOOOOO.

Do you like ending games with hundreds of health? Do you like coming back from 1 health to win the next turn? Do you like staring longingly into the infinite yellow eyes of Grumbo, Tota Legend, imagining a future together where maybe you could run away together from the petty fights around the eternal throne and settle down and build a family together? I know you do.

Improvements from last version:

Grumbo, Tota Legend is my new best friend. He has great synergy in this deck if he can survive, improving everyone around him.
If he is on the board, he triggers Katra, the Devoted's text and turns her into a 4/4 to avoid torch.
If he is on the board, he triggers Beckoning Lumen's text and gives you an extra card on the same turn.
Attacking with Moldermuck counts as playing new units, which beefs him up and triggers lifesteal. this means you can combo without needing Spiritweaver on the board! And if you have Spiritweaver, Moldermuck, Katra, the Devoted, and Grumbo, Tota Legend on the board all at once, the combo is even stronger than the last iteration and balloons hilariously qiuckly

Grim Reminder is like Arcane Restraint with a slightly worse effect, but inscribe is huge here. It provides power fixing, and the fact that it's a shadow inscribe helps you play out Moldermuck more consistently on T3. It also gains life at the beginning of your turn as opposed to the start of your opponents', which is not quite as good for Katra, the Devoted, but much better for Beckoning Lumen. Overall, this definitely feels better to play.

Bloodcall Invoker is surprisingly viable now, as there are 12 cards in the deck that will trigger its lifeforce effect on play. And if Spiritweaver is on the board and you have another unit with 5 attack, you can attack and keep regenerating new units of at least the same strength. And every new unit generated triggers Grumbo, Tota Legend. Azindel, Mastermind is still really good though, this spot could go either way.


Mostly basic Xenan staples, but surprisingly I find myself picking Huntmaster Vikrum very frequently. He's a lifesaver against the Sibling Rivalry boss if they don't have a Devouring Shadow in hand.

Slumbering Range is more viable in this iteration since you can gain life earlier with Grumbo, Tota Legend. Pulling him from the market can sometimes end games on T5. One thing to note is that his text activates and protects your units at the END of your attack. So if you attack with a 3/3 Vara at 32 health, once she attacks you will reach 35 health and she won't die even if the attack would have killed her (sometimes it shows the death animation and then your units will reappear as if nothing happened, pretty funny). This allows you to play a bit more aggressively sometimes.

End Of An Era could be substituted for Infinite Hourglass, but I find it pretty useful against aggro. You could also use Supply Lines if you want to go balls deep in absurd board states, since there are 8 units that can generate tokens every turn. It's a bit slow but this deck is really about abusing the AI, so it really fits with the spirit of the deck.


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5 2

Power Sources
25 17 17

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6 21 41 1 7

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39 9 7 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


May 13, 2022

May 12, 2022


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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 13, 2022



sirgoulas Eternal Version: 22.08.10
Best deck ever. Boss plays Kaleb on t2 by reaching 5 influence and still gets destroyed by Grumbo and friends.
dbrugler Eternal Version: 22.08.17
Glad you like it! You should check out Gauntlet Lifesteal Combo v3 - Rise of Bloodnurse to see how well it works with Bloodnurse added
Artukka Edited Eternal Version: 22.06.01
Pretty strong and certainly fun getting the ridiculous boards. When the synergies get rolling (and often it doesn't take much) it's like a freight train.

Some tips Gauntlet vets probably already know that I discovered:

The AI is absolutely brain-dead in how it responds to Decay. It will place an insanely high priority on getting rid of your Mouldermucks, and doesn't seem to understand how the Decay mechanic works (e.g. putting a temporary buff on a unit that would trade evenly with the Mouldermuck without even without the buff, to try to keep it alive). Or if your opponent has lethal on board (say, with big fliers) you can attack in with your Mouldermuck and it will take the block if the flier would survive the hit, and the debuff can rob them of lethal). [Edit Another handy thing about Slumbering Range is that the AI doesn't seem to recognize it as a threat during its turn since it regards it as a simple 0/10, even if when you have a way of activating it every turn like one of the relics, so it doesn't prioritize it for removal, or leave back blockers for it.]

The AI also doesn't understand the "units can't die" feature of Slumbering Range. Granted, usually that isn't very relevant because if you can get to 35 health with Slumbering Range on the board then you're probably far enough ahead that you don't need to rely on the AI making mistakes to win.
Simkeoda Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Great deck I always enjoy a good Katra deck.
My only comment is I would try and put Deafening Stampede in the market. Considering how big your board can get, this can be a finisher card since it will bypass block almost entirely.
dbrugler Eternal Version: 22.06.08
Deafening Stampede is definitely a great way to win instantly, but I'm not sure it would be a difference maker. I think any game it would finish is a game you pretty much are winning regardless.
Gravekper Eternal Version: 22.05.13
I'm trying Eclipse in market, and which is quite successful I think.
- Slumbering Range
- End of An Era
+ Banish
+ Eclipse
is my current take.
dbrugler Eternal Version: 22.05.13
Slumbering Range is kind of a win-more market card so banish is a good alternative if you need more removal. I would probably keep End of an Era just for more access to a board sweep - it's not a card I use often but it does save games.

How has eclipse been working out? I didn't include it initially since I'm not running mask of torment and wouldn't be able to take full advantage of the Unleash, but I could see it working since it's probably easy to hit the 9 health mark with only playing it once.