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Minotaur Armory Like It's 2018

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More competitive version of Minotaur Armory Like It's 2017. Probably good enough to get you to Master, probably not good enough to get me to rank 1.

Rakano Artisan and Miner's Musket were cut for often not being worth a card, in a deck that already has little card advantage.

Furious Magniventris was replaced by Minotaur Lighthoof to relax the power base, answer relics, and (rarely) race.

Lunar Claw was cut for having too much removal often stuck dead in hand, as you can only have one relic weapon equipped at a time.

Chizue, Silver Hilt was added, along with Souleater Blade going up to 4 copies, to provide some much-needed card velocity.

Oni Forgesmith was added to alleviate the previous deck's issue of needing to play many power to reach 5 yet having no way to deal with any excess power draws after that.

Overall, the deck feels smoother to pilot while retaining the general play patterns. Compared to the previous iteration it has fewer power issues, better ability to go late, and fewer unwinnable matchups. But is it good? Who knows, I haven't played with it enough to tell.

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2 1 2

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10 10 11 10 4

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14 22 8 12 8

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24 14 8 4 25


November 14, 2022


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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neonharvest Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Did you consider running Petra, Auric Launderer for Inscribe instead of Oni Forgesmith? You are already leaning toward shadow influence while Forgesmith is the only outlier with 2F. Plus Petra being a minotaur makes it combo well with the other cards in your deck. Maybe do something like include 2 copies of Petra and 2 copies of Forgesmith?
Buckwheat Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Petra is too small, given that the deck has almost 0 spells.

I do believe Collision Course and Eavesdrop are both viable Inscribe alternatives, though.