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Spire Shadows market fetch

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This is my first attempt on a Spire Shadows deck.
To make sure I draw it I keep one copy in the market and have 14 fetch cards Speed Grafter, Auralian Merchant, Kerendon Merchant, Ebon Dune Smuggler, Coveted Gemstone, Shadow Etchings, Time Etchings. I usually play Spire Shadows by round 4.
The deck has 40 units to capitalize on the Spire Shadows mechanic.

The deck is however too slow and has too many 4 costs cards. I end up playing only one card per round and don't get enough traction and survivability as the improved units can only be drawn from round 5 onward.

Proposals welcome.


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3 2

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17 16 8

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23 27 14 3 2

Card Types
41 5 9 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


November 13, 2022


Eternal Version
Enter the Arcanum

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Random_7945 Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Going straight Xenan is definitely possible. Since your units are bad without Spire Shadows, you generally want to get out your Spire more consistently. I would suggest playing 4-ofs of all three merchants. Remove the Coveted Gemstone since it does nothing to your game plan and can't even grab Spire. Alternatively, you can play Spire in the main if you don't have the shiftstone for at least 8 merchants.
Next, the current set also introduced some insanely good payoffs for Spire, namely Insect Swarm and Xenan Adept which are both very cheap but strong budget cards.
It is also worth notice that you don't win on spot after playing Spire, so ideally you may want some tutor effects (which is non-existent in Xenan) or draw effects. In this regard, you may consider Devour and Cull the Deck.
Random_7945 Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
In my opinion, the units you would play in a Spire Shadows deck should be one of the following :
1. At least passable pre-spire and gets better post-spire. (most units fall into this category)
2. Very good post-spire / win conditions. e.g. Insect Swarm, Arach, Razorshaper
3. Have good alternate modes that you may play the card for. (mainly inscribe) e.g. Petra, Auric Launderer

So you can try to search for cards you own / can afford which plays well in a Spire Shadows deck, and foresee how you may upgrade your deck into a more competitive list.
Random_7945 Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Here are links to Spire Shadows decks that are at least decent in my opinion, this includes versions with all possible faction combinations. (not just Xenan) I hope this would serve as a good starting point to learn what Spire Shadows decks can do, and what they are capable of doing.

Xenan : The classic version. Its main advantage is a consistent power base and the ease to play heavy-influenced cards.
List 1 : SocpsYDBz0s
List 2 : -dVnkByvOIM A semi budget version.

Destruction (FTS / Fire Time Shadow) : There are multiple ways to play Spire Shadows on turn 3, the main appeal to this faction pair is speed and explosiveness. Plays out like a storm deck where you are very capable of filling your entire board in a single turn.
List 1 : Post-Patch Des-spire

Auralian (TPS / Time Primal Shadow) : The version with a lot of card draw. Mainly plays out like a midrange deck, but with unfairly cheap mid-late game engines and threats.
List 1 : [Masters] Mono Primal Spire Prioritizes more on gaining Primal influence for a ridiculous Helio draw.
List 2 : Spire Shadows Auralian version The more generic version.

Kerendon (TJS / Time Justice Shadow) : The version with unconditional tutors. Its advantages include access to Black Book, Pit Boss and Reweave.
List 1 : TJS Spire

Some ideas that I like and can be explored more :
List 1 : Sling of the Chi l Праща ци Spire Shadows Sling deck
List 2 : [Masters] The Merriest Spire Combo The Merriest Mandrake Spire
List 3 : Strangest Strangers in the Spire [Masters] Strangers Spire
List 4 : [TOP 4 MASTER] SPIRE GRENADINS (Grenadins come back!) Grenadin Spire
Zac_DeCroix Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Awesome inspirations. I have many of the cards you proposed and wonder how I overlooked some as the unleash combo.
I also like the FTS Destruction combo. That's very creative. Thanks for the suggestion. Time for some homework deck-building here...
qazzquimby Eternal Version: 22.10.12
This isn't perfect, but it's a very good time:
Adding primal is great because you really benefit from draw later on, with units cheap, and you get recurring nightmare.
I also went heavy into crests because the scouts help draw creatures post spire, and not pre spire.
Zac_DeCroix Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Thanks for the link. This is another great variant I will try. Never thought of these interactions.